Water Framework Directive Compliance Assessments

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) is a European Union directive intended to ensure the health of all water bodies across Europe, and has been transposed into English law. Any works undertaken as part of development that have the potential to deteriorate the status of the water body, or which could prevent it from achieving its status will need to be supported during the planning process with a Water Framework Directive Compliance Assessment.

All Land Drainage and Flood Defence consent applications should consider the effects of a scheme on WFD compliance. BWB have undertaken various WFD Compliance Assessments to support applications ranging from bridge crossings and watercourse diversions to discharge consents and improvements to existing watercourses. These Compliance Assessments bring together our expertise in ecology, fluvial geomorphology, river hydraulics, water quality and chemical analysis to provide a full assessment of the impacts and benefits the scheme could bring.

BWB have extensive exprience of working with the Environment Agency to scope the necessary ecological surveys and and assessment work to comply with the legislation whilst avoiding unnecessary detail and expenditure.

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