Digital Constraints, Risk and Asset Mapping

The amount of site and mapping data available will grow exponentially. At BWB, we apply our know-how of engineering constraints to sort and filter this data intelligently to provide valuable data at your fingertips to help inform your commercial decisions.

This powerful GIS interface is just the tip of the iceberg. Our GIS teams can develop bespoke systems to show almost any risk or constraints and can even integrate information about the clients assets into the visual interface; e.g. want to show what building assets are are risk from flooding and then call up the flood risk report? We can present this all within a visual GIS based interface.



FLOODSCREEN, presented below is BWB’s interactive flood mapping tool based on open data which has been developed in-house by our GIS and flood risk teams. The online tool shows the areas of the UK that are most at risk from flooding, using recently released open data from the Environment Agency (EA). 

BWB Floodscreen Flood Mapping Tool

Get in touch to find out more about FLOODSCREEN or our other bespoke risk and asset mapping services.


Name: Iwan Lloyd
Job Title: Head of Technology Development


Name: Jon Frost
Job Title: Head of Digital Services