Center Parcs, Sherwood Village

Center Parcs, Sherwood Village

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Anderson Green/Center Parcs

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New Build

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BWB undertook an appraisal of the existing Wastewater Treatment Works serving Center Parcs Sherwood Village.

The initial phase involved the specification design and construction of a new inlet screening works to protect downstream treatment processes.

Further phases proposed the demolition of the existing WwTW from the downstream end of the process, with new treatment processes being constructed to protect the quality of effluent at the outfall.

Key Challenges

To ensure minimal disruption to the village, which needed to remain fully functional during works, it was imperative that any proposed solution maintained flows to the treatment works at all times.

The existing site was also constrained with limited space, which meant that a new treatment process could not be constructed in parallel to the existing WwTW. Nor was land available to increase the size available for the new WwTW.

BWB's appraisal addressed these constraints by recommending solutions for improvements and phased upgrading.

BWB Key Contacts

Iqbal Rassool
Iqbal Rassool
Service Director
Center Parcs, Sherwood Village

Center Parcs, Sherwood Village