Kegworth Bypass

Kegworth Bypass

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Roxhill Developments / SEGRO

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BWB Consulting has played a key role in the provision of a new 1.7km bypass for the village of Kegworth in Leicestershire. The new highway connects the A6 to the A453 in order to reduce the amount of traffic passing through the village. The bypass opened at the end of 2018 and is part of the wider East Midlands Gateway Strategic Rail Freight Interchange development.

Our Transport & Infrastructure design team delivered the detailed design of the bypass together with the earthworks strategy. The works were tightly constrained and the design process required agreement of several departures from geometric standards with Highways England. Our design incorporated a false cutting to screen the bypass in the area of highest visual intrusion while our earthworks design was developed to balance cut and fill in order to avoid additional lorry movements. We provided a new footway/cycleway along the length of the bypass which, when added to the wider provision as part of the East Midlands Gateway site, will deliver over 2 miles of east-west cycle route and provide the missing link in the route from Loughborough to Castle Donnington.

Key Challenges

The bypass runs beneath the flight path of East Midlands Airport (EMA) and at the most western point of the highway the flight envelope is just 20m above the proposed carriageway finished levels. Height restrictions were imposed onto the scheme during consultations with EMA, which banned the use of cranes during the construction works and the proposed lighting columns while the large ADS traffic signs had to be designed so that they didn't encroach into the flight path envelope. Other highway features such as the attenuation basins for the highway drainage had to be designed to be dry flowing to discourage any potential nesting birds, which could cause potential bird strikes to approaching planes if they flew into the EMA flight path.

BWB undertook a value engineering exercise at the start of the construction works with the contractor and the local highway authority. Areas of the design were identified such as the drainage and pavement which were streamlined to remove certain pipe runs and to reduce the pavement thicknesses on the new side roads.

BWB Key Contacts

Simon Hilditch
Simon Hilditch
Technical Manager
Kegworth Bypass

Kegworth Bypass