Anker Valley - Appraisal of Transport Scenarios

Anker Valley - Appraisal of Transport Scenarios

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Tamworth Borough Council

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BWB Consulting was appointed by Staffordshire County Council and Tamworth Borough Council as preferred consultants to appraise a number of potential transport packages associated with the Anker Valley Sustainable Urban Extension to the north west of Tamworth. The 125-hectare scheme would deliver a combined residential development of up to 2,400 dwellings.

The Anker Valley site is constrained by railway lines to the south and west, resulting is restricted access opportunities. The points of access are onto a congested section of the highway network, particularly on the Upper Gungate Corridor, so it was always envisaged that significant infrastructure would be associated with the development. However the cost of some of the anticipated infrastructure were significant and were affecting the viability and deliverability of the project. Our role was to consider individual infrastructure requirements or transport packages and constraints to the site, whilst reviewing the quantum of houses to be delivered associated with each infrastructure element. The costs associated with the infrastructure element were reviewed and considered as part of the deliverability of the housing.

Key Challenges

A number of transport options were highlighted which included options aimed at improving the connectivity and access of vehicular, pedestrian and cycle routes to link the Sustainable Urban Extension to the town centre. BWB reviewed each option for its technical feasibility and deliverability against criteria such as local and strategic connectivity, environmental issues, deliverability and financial viability to assist in unlocking economic growth in the region.

The location of the site, on the boundary between neighbouring authorities with land allocations for development on either side of the administrative boundary, meant that and consultation and agreement with wider stakeholders including the neighbouring authorities was required. This contract example demonstrates BWB's ability to consult and agree with multiple stakeholders, whilst also demonstrating our ability to input infrastructure costs into appraisals that affect the deliverability of scheme proposals.

Client Reference

BWB were commissioned by Tamworth Borough Council on behalf of Tamworth, Lichfield and Staffordshire Councils to assess and appraise a number of potential transport packages associated with a proposed urban extension.

We required an assessment of the engineering solutions within each package with consideration given to any constraints and possible mitigation solutions. We also required that each package should look at high level costs including mitigation costs for delivery.

The commission had a complex history, a number of partners and short timescales. We were kept updated and informed by BWB throughout the project as to progress being made and we were extremely pleased with the approach taken by BWB, the quality of the work produced and the ability to keep to the timetable.

BWB Key Contacts

Andy Passmore
Andy Passmore
Group Director - Transport and Infrastructure Group
Shazad Khan
Shazad Khan

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Anker Valley - Appraisal of Transport Scenarios