Larkhill Retirement Village

Larkhill Retirement Village

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Hulme Upright




4 HA



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New Build

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Larkhill is a 327-unit retirement village on a greenfield site on the southern outskirts of Clifton, Nottinghamshire. The £35m project was developed by the ExtraCare Charitable Trust and extends over 4 hectares, with a further 2 hectares of landscaped woodland.

The site was located on a gently sloping hillside, but each floor of the apartment blocks needed to be at a constant level. So the building was designed to wrap around the hillside, achieving a split-level plateau through the construction of a 350-metre contiguous piled retaining wall through the middle of the site. The advantage of this solution was the need for minimal earthworks on the upper side compared with a conventional retaining wall, thereby allowing traditional foundations to be constructed to the face of the wall.

The development benefits from sustainable urban drainage, which involves balancing ponds and a swale. The drainage was adopted by Severn Trent Water, with the exception of the swale, which was retained by the local authority. The swale also discharges into the public sewers, resulting in a complex design and legal agreement between all parties.

Key Challenges

The apartments comprise standard 3 and 4 storey loadbearing masonry superstructure, with pre-cast concrete plank floors and trussed rafters roof. The village centre accommodates the bars, restaurants, dance floor and recreation rooms and has a 350mm thick concrete transfer slab to carry 3 full storeys of apartments above.

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Peter Davies
Peter Davies
Business Unit Manager
Larkhill Retirement Village