Coseley Eco Park

Coseley Eco Park

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Coseley is located in the heavily urbanised and industrialised area between Dudley and Sandwell. The local watercourses were long ago culverted and have since become part of the sewer system. Uncertainty between the fluvial and sewer interactions has resulted in ambiguity in the Flood Zones. The client wished to re-develop a former heavy industrial site into an Eco Park, offering a significant improvement to the local area, but existing Environment Agency flood modelling showed the site to be at significant risk.

BWB was tasked with undertaking a Flood Risk Assessment of the site which involved producing an integrated 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional hydraulic model of the Swan Brook — a complex urban watercourse which flows through the site within culvert. The model included open channel, complex hydraulic structures, urban floodplain, and sewer network elements. The model was supported by a hydrological analysis of a heavily urbanised catchment. The model was used to successfully challenge the existing perception of flood risk on the site which significantly reduced the required mitigation measures which would otherwise have been required, and enabled planning permission to granted.

Key Challenges

The project also involved the production of an extensive surface water drainage strategy which offered large ecological and amenity value by creating a ‘blue corridor’ through the development.

A foul water drainage strategy and ES Chapter were also produced as part of this project.

BWB Key Contacts

Stuart Nelmes
Stuart Nelmes
Accounts Director - Environment
Coseley Eco Park