Our Learning & Development

We constantly seek new ways in which to develop talent and unlock potential.  To us, learning and development is an ongoing and important process.   We strive to make an investment in all of our people, in line with individual aspiration and our strategic plans. 

BWB offer a range of exciting opportunities to develop your skills both technically and behaviourally.    Our programmes provide unique ways in which to learn with others and our one to one development provides our people with much sought after support tailored to their needs.   All of this mixed with a rewarding work experience, means our people can take the learning and do something great with it!  

Some of our highlights include:

Professional Mentoring for Chartership

Whatever your chosen profession and current chartership status, we provide quarterly individual mentoring with a professional to help you keep on track to achieving your goals of chartership.

BWB Academy

Our Academy is a resource for all employees, regardless of seniority, length of service or role.  The Academy was designed to provide bespoke learning and support to people in becoming the 'complete professional' at BWB.  There are three levels.

Each of our Academy programmes are modular based.  They are designed and delivered by our Business Leadership Team, with some input from external experts in our network.

The aim is to help our people get under the skin of

  • Who they are professionally, what their strengths are and how they can play to them
  • Who their colleagues are, what their preferences are and how they can work together better with them
  • Who BWB is - how we manage our finances, market ourselves, form contracts and manage and strengthen client relationships.

The programme also provides a supportive network of Academy colleagues and regular one to one coaching. 

Management Insights Programme

Our MI Programme develops our existing, new and future managers to become more confident, capable and knowledgeable when handling a range of management concerns. 

The programme equips our managers so that they can start to get the balance right - spend less time seeking advice on how to manage people issues and get on and do it effectively!

The aim is to support our people in:

  • Understanding the role of the manager and their individual style and strengths they bring to it
  • Understanding their teams and how to get the best out of them
  • Using best practice to recruit, manage wellbeing, manage performance, facilitate change and ensure our people have dignity at work.

The programme uses videos, peer group discussions, quizzes and classroom based learning. 

Individual & Group Learning

BWB support people to develop their technical and behavioural learning through a variety of internal and external workshops and courses.  If it helps meet the goals of the business and fits with your own career aims we'll want you to take advantage of it.


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