Our Values and Competencies

Our values and competencies define who we are and what we expect and need from others we work with.   

Our Competencies

Together with our people we have developed a clear competency framework which defines the behaviours we need from our people to allow us all to excel.  The framework covers all role levels so that our people may be measured and supported to develop against each of these important nine areas.  These competencies are incorporated in to our people processes such as recruitment, appraisals and promotion.  By supporting the performance and progression of our people we will continue to be the successful business we have established ourselves to be.


Our Values

BWB has a strong set of values which have been with us since the business was founded in 1990.  The values underpin who we are, support our vision and shape the culture of our business.  We work hard to maintain our values as our company grows.  Our success and reputation depends on maintaining these professional and ethical standards:

• To act with integrity and promote trust, respect and fairness
• To accept responsibility for our actions and be willing to be held accountable
• To inspire, motivate and empower our people in an enjoyable working environment
• To act at all times with environmental and social responsibility
• To provide a responsive, pragmatic and professional service to our clients
• To be commercially astute in our own business and to help create commercial success for our clients. 

Our values support us in achieving our corporate responsibility objectives.  In addition, we are active in supporting our local communities and charities.  For more information on our recent activities please click here for our people news.